Concert film “flumpool ‘FOR ROOTS’ ~ Han Real~” confirmed to be released on Thursday, December 3rd!

We are delighted to announce that “flumpool ‘FOR ROOTS’ ~Han Real~”, the live stream concert performed in the band’s hometown Osaka on Saturday, August 15th, will be available as a concert film!
It is not just another live performance film. Inserted in between songs are documentary footage of the band members visiting places related to them in their hometown Osaka. The film is studded with very flumpool-like presentations, and shows you how sincerely the band members deal with the COVID-19 pandemic!
“flumpool ‘FOR ROOTS’ ~Han Real~” is their first-ever live stream concert with the title ‘FOR ROOTS’, which is given to special concerts performed in their hometown Osaka. Interwoven with stage effects that would have only been possible with live streaming, the live performance segments are completely re-edited. Also, documentary footage of the show day is newly added to this deluxe edition.

“flumpool ‘FOR ROOTS’ ~ Han-Real~”

To be released on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

¥4,500 (tax out)

¥3,500 (tax out)

★Only available at Asmart and concert venues.

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