New Song “Daijobu” to be released digitally on Friday, December 25th!

flumpool’s new song “Daijobu” will be released on Friday, December 25th! This is the song that has been produced with lyrics and videos from the listeners as a song project in “FM802 Radio Fields” with DJ Ryuta Yamamura, broadcast every Saturday at 9 p.m.!
The song is produced by Ryuta Yamamura and a sound producer Koichi Tabo, the outstanding combo who has also produced the songs “NEW DAY DREAMER” and “Kunsho” in the latest album “Real”!
In addition, 38 ninth graders from the junior high school where Ryuta Yamamura’s mentor from his student-teacher days currently works volunteered to sing in the chorus recording!
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken away various opportunities from the students to perform in public, including school events like a choir competition. The pandemic is also making the students anxious about their future. The project stems from Ryuta Yamamura’s wish to do something for those students with music. Not only the voices of students, but also the voices of his radio listeners are recorded in the song. The song contains a message for everyone who listens to it in this time and age.