flumpool to embark on a Japan hall tour!

We are excited to announce that flumpool will go on a Japan hall tour for the ninth time!

Starting with the performances in the four cities where they’ve decided to cancel their shows during “flumpool 8th tour 2017,” they will tour around Japan from May!
Don’t miss fully revived flumpool!

Please click the link below to check out the tour’s special website for more details:

flumpool FAN MEETING ~FM SAKAI 2019~ confirmed!

We are thrilled to announce that there will be a tour exclusively for the members of the official fan club“INTERROBANG”!

The title of the tour is “flumpool FAN MEETING ~FM SAKAI 2019~”.
“FM SAKAI” is a legendary radio program that Ryuta Yamamoto and Kazuki Sakai produced when they were in junior high school, and the program will be brought back to life with this tour!

We are looking forward to seeing you on the tour!

Please click the link below to check out the official fan club “INTERROBANG” for more details: